"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."

i. compassionate eyes - to always look at me with a consistent love. to forever hold your kind gaze even after confessing why my own is so cold.
ii. exploring hands - the willingness to reach inside the outer walls of what i’m made of. the bravery to withstand whatever monsters you find crawling beneath.
iii. eager feet - take me on journeys i wouldn’t have been able to face alone. guide me in waters that seem too deep. lead me in a life of passion and love, not idleness and pointlessness.
iv. a colorful mind - expand my horizons. look at the world as more than just lost souls preparing to burn. become so intertwined in art with me that we become a whole new masterpiece that will live on long after we are gone.
v. a steady tongue - don’t use your voice as a weapon. speak to me in tender whispers; not enraged fits. use your words like a seed, plant them in my mind and allow me to blossom.
vi. a branched heart - a heart that stretches like arms reaching out. a heart that can expand passed it’s own desires too see what someone else needs. be open to bottomless opportunities, limitless explorations. and a fearlessness to take on tomorrow.
vii. strong arms - because when i am afraid, ashamed, or doubtful, i will need someone to keep me from falling.
—ways to win my heart - c.h.

she blooms flowers in her palms
bringing life with every touch
my hands are covered with blood
from all the wounds that i cause

Sadness is an unlocked cage
but why leave when I’ve
already found a home inside?
I close my eyes hoping it’ll
close out my fears,
but no barred cage can block God from my ears.

He speaks over and over
until it’s the only thought in my skull;
bliss is just around the corner
just a couple breaths away.

November, be my heaven,
I’ll shiver until I’m numb from all the pain
November, be my safe haven
I’ll bury my regret in the snow
with no misguided footprints to show
a new path with no sign of yesterday
November, set me free
i will be brave and escape
from this retched cage
and every ounce of pain
as long as i know that
you are what is waiting for me.

—keep me breathing long enough to find my november - c.h.

yes i purposely made the above photo really bad

woohoo! i am legal on tuesday. (wink wink come and get her boys ;) ).

to celebrate, i have finally decided to make a follow forever. the people listed below may not follow me, know my name, my blog, or may not even like me. some i’ve spoken to once, others i’m chatting with as i write this. it doesn’t matter; these blogs are the blogs i will follow forever, hence the title. they have a range of different beliefs, words, and talents but each has touched me in his or her own way. 

without further ado, here are the amazing blogs i will always follow. ps: there is no special order, i just did alphabetical per category. 

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Sometimes I'm afraid I can't be a bright light for Christ because I'm so shy and I don't talk much, so it's hard to tell others about Him. I know actions speak louder than words but I feel like all I do is hide away and keep to myself and it's so hard to be confident.

some say God uses our weaknesses to glorify Him. others say God uses our gifts. i agree with both.

i am a terrible public speaker. the idea of being around even just one person i do not know makes me cringe. so why is it that no matter how hard i pray, the only desire for my future is to be in Theater/acting/film? being in front of people makes me sick - it’s my weakness, and getting through it with out wanting to die (or, lets word, successfully living another day LOL), is glorifying to Him. 

sorry to break it to you anon, because i surely didn’t like hearing this, but God is going to use your weaknesses just as much as He is going to use the gifts He’s given you. you may be shy but God’s going to use that to glorify Him. you may not be confident, but if you keep praying that God will use you, He’s going to use that as proof that He can bring up anyone that is down. you may hide away but God is going to force you into the spotlight.

dont get too familiar in your comfort zone; God has great plans for you and once you give Him the opportunity to use you, you’re going to be not just stepping, but leaping out of your box.

good news though: you’re not leaping out of there alone. He’ll be guiding you and comforting you through any obstacle, even if that’s just getting yourself to speak to someone. i understand that. 

to sum it up: my advice is to ask Him to use your weaknesses. ask Him to use you. He wants to use you so obviously He’s waiting to hear it so He can finally use you to further His kingdom. 

you got this anon. with Him by your side, you can do anything. :*

Basically my crush asked me to slow dance at our school dance and we did but then he never spoke to me again and he walks by me like I don't exist. I don't understand guys and how they don't know that they toy with our feelings by doing things like that. :(

I’m sorry anon. :c

sometimes girls have a tendency to read into things more than a guy can. i know a guy who flirted with me and then stopped after a couple months and i had a weird kind of gross attachment to the guy for two years after. 

did you know the brain is not fully developed until the ages between 18-21? i like to think that’s why we make stupid decisions in our school-days, things we know are immature and stupid. he probably wasn’t thinking as into it as you were. he’s not a man yet, he’s still got growing to do, just like how you aren’t a full adult women yet so you still have growing to do. (i’m assuming you’re in high school). 

i had this little tiny crush on this guy in my theater class for about two weeks and i started realizing how it was affecting how i felt in front of the class. ( i have terrible stage fright and i was really hoping to grow in the class. can’t do that when i’m terrified to go up there when i know a cute boy is watching! just increases my public speaking anxiety!) so i prayed that God will take those little attractions, or even just desires of wanting to feel special from a guy, and i gave those desires to Him. 

you know the next class i actually felt nothing? it was pretty cool. it was the tiniest of crushes and yet God cared and understood and He took it away. my advice is to give your feelings, no matter how broken or hurt, and God will surely heal :)

It’s in our
human nature
to desire
the defenseless
are tempting to
battle, the weak
are easily won
over, naive hearts are
defeated by
blackened souls,
filled with envy
for the purity they lack.

The innocent weep,
mourning the simple
minds now conscious of
the pain to the unjust
is a wickedness none
can withstand, not
even the host the
evil lives in.

They kill themselves
with the guilt
they have scratching at
their backs by
putting more blameless
blood on their hands, hoping
that will numb them enough
to not face their
unseen shame.

—i can’t listen to innocent hearts cry - c.h.

i nominate itsonlyinhim as most underappreciated writer on this website

if i had cried enough we’d
float in my pain until
it was swept away,
dried up by the sunlight
you made.

but i hid my pain
and it ate at me
until i lost you;
i became the ashes
of the dead, remnants from
the ghosts of the past
weighing anxiety on me like
a plague.
—grieving without tears is more painful than crying a river - c.h.

what a beautiful sound!
gleaming glory radiating
through the darkest valley,
gusts of winds like
a whisper from God,
mercy falling like rain
on the driest hearts,
the shaking of a mountain
and demons scurrying

what a beautiful sound!
the sound of victory.

Living in peace is a promise for every believer - but worry is Satan’s attempt to steal it.
—Joyce Meyer

lets not drown in our sorrow
or in the anxiety of tomorrow
fade away the woes loud enough
to vibrate your knees, quiet yourself
from joy killers, lay yourself with the
praying mantis, so still
(like an illusion)
as you beg for peace during the blaze

remember when you sneaked in the neighbor’s
backyard to steal a dandelion for me;
you weren’t aware of how your boyish
innocence made me swoon.

i blew a wish and let it fly
with my request always tickling me
in the back of my mind even after
i stopped believing in the legends of wishes.

time finds enjoyment in going slow when
you keep back desires like a dirty secret
just waiting for the right moment to burst.

but even sluggish hours tick and
with each new dawn, I found better
reasons to keep my fancies a mystery.
the longer I waited, the more I yearned
and the stronger I was able to hold back.

I’ll never forget your face when you
climbed over my neighbor’s fence,
just like I’ll never forget how you never
got to wave goodbye before I could confess.

stopping to smell the roses is nice
as long as i’m not picking them
for a beloved’s funeral.

i clutched the stem of where my love
first formed, kissed it and slipped it
into your cold palm,
repeating the familiar request once whispered through
a swooning child’s lips, hoping God would
hear me this time.

—dandelion stem - c.h.

I may be sad but my hair is fab

i put on makeup for a stupid boy who doesn’t even know my name