"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."

bare skin
and innocence,
reality, hide away as i sink into the
beauty of oblivion,
after smooth skin meets
rough, where do our boundaries lie? dont be
afraid. redefine what quenches your thirst - intimate or naive touch?
—a moment of innocence when you held my hand (via heldinhishands)

does anybody hear her
drowning, her cries for mercy to a
God she doesn’t know,
she’s holding her breath,
suffocating in a numbing
hoping the cynics are wrong about
higher powers

she digs her own grave
six feet under,
wondering if angels sing
lullabies as she
her coffin is small but not as
small as she feels.

what is her heart but
a black hole
destroying any hope that blooms,

"im sorry" is the soundtrack of
her mornings,
does God ever tire of
her empty apologies
repeated too many times to
know what it means to be forgiven?

—17 years old and she’s lived too long (via heldinhishands)
» take a risk and dive in


parts of me
aren’t seen; the
idea is to find the
gentleman willing to fight to the
edge and jump.

the air smelled of
rejection with a
hint of resentment

there were splinters in her
fingers from how tight she
held the fence,
but nothing was more splintering than
the dismissal he expressed

she doesn’t remember the
regret he hid behind his eyes,
only recalling being left
on a soccer field
with a bitter cold rising
within her chest

she fills her days with
poetry of an old flame
that’s already blown
in hopes that he will be replaced with
someone that won’t just light a
sparkle in her eyes
but an inferno in her

—was it fate? (via heldinhishands)


He remembers how your first breath sounded, and knows how your last breath will end, so why not allow the  One that relishes every moment in between to be apart of the story?

is an echo.
a scream in a crowd,
a tear in the rain

an itch on my lips,
a craving on my tongue
(for a flavor I’ve never tasted)
a soundless gust of wind,
empty hands

silent dinners
with only the sound of
silverware clinking
(so that I can hear something
other then the
absence of my
cellphone ringing)

is fading memories
and withering flowers.

is forgetting the sound
of your voice
and the way your hand fit
on the small of my back because
you never touched me there.

—loneliness (via heldinhishands)
my chest tightens when I remember being beneath a sky
with an approving twinkle from every star for your pursuit
of my lips. no one has ever craved the taste of my lip stick,
but I never craved the ache of heart break.
when did finding something irresistible mean self control
was too much of a puzzle to piece together?
do you remember when worship was for the God we’ve known
since we were little and when it became adoration of another heart?
your hands may have been lovely but I can only recall when you
forced my veil over my head and made me a woman I didn’t ask to be;
all I see is one way alley ways when you marked my skin with merciless words and a candle light that’s about to go out.
—you can’t force someone to love you (via heldinhishands)

every breath you’ve
stolen from her lungs
escaped through her mouth
like whispers
and falling snowflakes.
she watched her burden
carried away by the wind.

the butterflies
and she sighed…

—a sigh of relief (via heldinhishands)

blossoming, my heart may be,
yet I still fear to stride.
but the lightning strikes
when your lips meet mine,
help me understand the prickles
on my skin from the grass on my back
or when our fingers touch.
take my body,
take my mind,
take every fear that keeps me away;
allow me to get lost in the
only place I want to visit.
the heart of a man that
lives on his sleeve,
no matter how many times
it is beaten down and thrown,
confidence exudes and
treading in danger only
proves his courage.

daring, your eyes convey,
but beneath your armor
reveals endearments,
swirls and curls around your eyes
of where the wind blows
with the smell of violet
and wine late at night.
roses set on the front
door with a note of confessions
and passion emanating from
divine lips and down your throat
like a beast trapped inside.

i’m struck,
i’m puzzled,
i’m mystified,
by the colors dancing in your eyes,
will you let me take a look inside?

a place i’d like to visit: the heart of a romantic man - christina

day 14

(via heldinhishands)

will be away from computer until August sometime. queue is filled up with reblogs of my stuff bc I was bored. see ya!

do you feel your heart beat
in the middle of a cold night,
with only the sound of your
breathing as you attempt to
exhale all your worries of an
unknown future, so vast that
it makes you wonder if your life
is days, months, years, an adventure
worth exploring or just
an abyss, an existence, as you
float around darkness?

do you hear the gust of winds
through the window cracks and
above the rooftops, a whistling
breeze with no intent to move
in any sort of direction, but the
direction where it’s meant to go.
when the sun’s rays warm your skin
there is nothing quite as pleasing as
the way the air blows against your
pores with a coolness.
is there a point to the breeze, then
the comforting way it rustles the leaves,
a reminder of nature’s beauty?

when you wonder where your
purpose lies, and you live in a
state of doubt on the reason for
existing, be the breeze.
take the hand of someone with sweat
covering there brow from all the pain
they have to endure and give them
a nice breeze, carry their burden
to take the load off.

bring out the magnificence of nature
and the beauty of life
with every stride towards your purpose.
follow the wind, go with the flow,
find a north star along the way to
know where to go
and surely your reason here will find you.

the purpose of life - christina

day sixteen

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slipping away
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slipping away

All Sons & Daughters
Reason To Sing
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when the pieces seem too shattered
to gather off the floor
and all that seems to matter
is that I can’t feel you anymore
is that I don’t feel you anymore

i need a reason to sing
i need reason to sing
i need to know that you’re still holding
the whole world in your hands
i need a reason to sing

when I’m overcome by fear
and I hate everything I know
if the waiting lasts forever
I’m afraid I might let go

Will there be a victory?
Will you sing it over me now?
Your peace is the melody
Will you sing it over me now?

i need a reason to sing
i need reason to sing
i need to know that you’re still holding
the whole world in your hands
that is a reason to sing

really bad selfies with the sleepy bun

i was asked how i knew God existed
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i was asked how i knew God existed