"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."



kept in a cage with a
crow guarding
as it feeds off the
cause of death:

what would happen if
they all got free?
what would happen if
I unlocked the cage,
closed my eyes,
and let them run,
ringing warning bells
for anyone in it’s
path as they dash out
one by one, like a
stampede that will
kill anyone in it’s wake.

will i die from
shame of my mysterious
lodged in the back of my throat
or because I released
them to the world?


I hear the sounds
whispers of pain,
my soul dying away
from life’s rain

morning may come
a flicker of light
hope shining it’s rays
after a long night

When I call your name
it’s then that I ache
so much so that I
fear I’m in my last days

You see me cry
through many  grieved sighs
Your hands grab mine
just when the sting was nigh

Mend back this heart
broken and weak
it’s been lost long enough and
is ready to be redeemed. 


I am in the pores of
a gloomy life; she sees an 
end so near it twitches her skin.
transfixed, she was, beneath the
chandeliers, shining bright
like a future she’ll never achieve,
just a mockery of what she was
because of me.
the yellow sky was calling her off
her feet and she jumped high enough
to be snatched away from my wrath,
hidden in the winds and fog that ached
her lungs from my pressure that
pulls her down.

If I stay much longer,
she will surely burst,
explode into a million pieces
all around the earth,
and I will snicker and scatter
away, falling like rain on other
poor souls so desperate that
they’ll take in any feeling to
replace their loneliness,
even if their company is
my distress.




i like deleting 

I like depleting

i like defeating

I like deceiving


In the depths of darkness
inside my soul
something stirred and awoke
the sound of a seraph,
I heard it spoke.
like a rescuer
she came,  lit up my sky,
showed me the way back to
my Father, grieving for my life.
hopeless, I felt, in the ditch
my misery had made,
but I found a path home,
here, my sin is not weighed!

he smelled like cigarettes and hope.
a home filled with smoke,
a burning building that was
dangerous but enticing,
too irresistible to keep from
taking a look inside

he allowed me to explore
all the dirtied and rough
parts of him,
he was the tour guide
to all his missing pieces,
and I was the traveler
trying to find them as i
explored a new land.

but I became too abandoned
and opened a door
that he kept closed,
he got angry
and the roof collapsed
above me before
my feet could get me out.
I died in a fire I allowed myself in.

I became nothing but
his dust.

—i am his debris and rubble - c.h. (via heldinhishands)


lips so enticing your eyes roll back,
red and dripping like a saving grace,
with just one touch, you’d be rescued.
lovely lips can do much
but it’s my teeth
that do the work
not tamed
not trained
but beauty can 
mislead prettiness
for innocence.

I was trying to suck the life
out of you, give you a taste
of the pain I reside in,
and you mistook it 
for a kiss.


You used to call me darling.
I was an angel of your skies,
the flower for your gardens.
Your skin was marked with my
finger prints, but I only ever
wanted you to be my companion,
never a possession.
You gave me every part of
yourself anyways because you
saw me as a trustworthy creature
willing to take on any battle for  you.

You used to call me sweetie
because i brought a smile
to your days and a taste
to your tongue that you
dreamed about in your sleep and
thought about in your
every waking moments.

You used to dance with me
when the world slept.
It didn’t matter the song or
the time of day, only that
it was my hand that you held
and my waist you grabbed,
as you tried your hardest to not
overstep bounds i never created.

You used to call me love
because you loved me,
because i was new air
to your weary lungs and a
fresh laugh to your gloomy days.
but love is just a flame
and you were afraid.
so when i confessed of the dirt
hidden beneath my innocent heart,
you took our flame and buried it 
in my closet
with the skeletons of the people before you
stupid enough to care for me.


He’s felt alone but he’s
never been this alone
before, the emptiness is
more suffocating than he
would have imagined and 
he’s stuck with questions of
“does life have an end?”
his mind is wrapped around
how to get in touch with God
so he can beg Him to not be
blessed with an afterlife because
that means there is a life beyond,
and he fears the pains of this life to 
much to ever accept another.

but instead, he’d request,
to float in an abyss
so far away from here,
so far away from any sign of life,
so that he cannot feel a thing.
emptiness is what’s killing him now
but to at least be able to look forward
to what’s coming, nothing,
will keep him
hanging on here a little longer.

Remember when we sat on the main road
on a blue bench, damp from yesterday’s rain,
with our hearts beating with anticipation?
We were walking into a battle field,
with our swords being words
and our eyes revealing all the
unspoken ones.
Your lips were shaking but they were brave,
saying everything I couldn’t.
I saved them, your words,
tucked away in a chest.
A treasure to never be found.

I missed you so much once
and my self control evaporated,
the way the memory of your smile
was beginning to fade away.
So I ate them.
I ate every word, all of them,
everything you ever spoke.
I may forget the way your voice sounded
or the way your eyes crinkled when
you laughed,
but I will never forget what you
confessed when vulnerability was
a risk worth taking and our souls were
doors, willing to take in
each others declarations until the
end of time.

—i’ll remember every word - c.h. (via heldinhishands)
He was chaos; someone unruly loved him
too much and made him a
A thunderous roar with
lightening strikes,
an aggressive rainstorm, not
afraid of the damage a hurricane
might bring to beauty. He was
a tornado with out mercy,
an erupting volcano beside a village.

I was a snow flake.
Holding on to my cloud for
as long as I could before
letting go and floating to the
earth so gracefully I almost
superseded every destruction
he made. I was pure and I was
innocent and I didn’t know
such a disarray was possible
until he found a home inside of me
and turned my heart into turmoil.
—he made me a mess - c.h. (via heldinhishands)


He took my creaking bones,
grabbed them with tender palms,
and poured oil on my dying carcass,
kissing every joint to revive me
from my weariness.

His touch is forgiving but
His love is passionate,
and with each drop i
am paralyzed in fascination.


you sting
you scalp
you leave my
skin a disgrace


what am i
but the remnants
of your burning

my face was requested

» dangerous love


your skin is
a puffy red,
from my touch

I offer to
heal it with
my cooling breath
but the
warmth from my
lips only makes
it worse